The Foster Parent Story

There are many reasons a child may be separated from his or her parents and need a temporary place to live.

While the York Region Children’s Aid Society believes that it is best for children to stay with their own families, that is not always possible and the children come into care.

Foster parents are members of the community who can provide a stable and supportive home that encourages a child’s growth and development. Foster parents are an important part of a team that includes Children’s Aid Society staff, community professionals and a child’s biological family.

Foster parents may be

  • single adults, married couples, common-law couples and same sex partners
  • families just beginning to raise their own children
  • ‘empty-nesters’
  • experienced parents or people who have never had children
  • adults who have professional skills or special childcare training
  • stay-at-home adults or those working outside the home

In a foster home, a child receives:

  • physical care such as food, shelter and clothing
  • emotional care, including love and inclusion in a family
  • nurturing of both intellectual and emotional development
  • positive role modeling
  • guidance and supervision